Who We Are

Crowdabout is a Consulting and Market Research Company based in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in buiding successful consumer products strategies backed by real market data and insights from real customers. 

What We Do

We help consumer product companies find ways to stand out in extremely competitive markets and help them mitigate risks from launching products that “nobody wants” to the market.

How We Do It

Leveraging our own Consumer Panel with proprietary Tech intelligence , we are able to gather consumer insights within 48 hours.

Our experienced market research team will help breaking down your goals and objectives , identify your needs , and answer all your needs for data and strategy consultation,


Our Work Process

Digital Marketing Services

I. Define Problems and Goals

“What prevents you
from reaching your goals?”

  • Understand your product
  • Understand your vision and goals
  • Understand your struggles


II. Prioritize Issues

“What issues are most important and what we need to know to solve them? “

  • Prioritize issues
  • Identify what needs to do now to move forward as quickly as possible


III. Analysis and Work Plan

“How to get the answers and how long does it take?”

  • List out data points we need to collect in order to decide on strategic direction
  • List out tasks and estimate the time we need to finish the project

IV. Conduct Analysis

“What target customers say? How is the market potential?”

  • Do Competitor Research
  • Study Market trend and potentials
  • Collect insights from target vustomers through interviews and surveys


V. Synthesize Findings

“With all these data, so what are implications on your business?”

  • Conduct Data Analysis
  • Prove or disprove assumptions
  • Make recommendations on your business

VI. Execute and measure outcomes

“Execute the game plan, measure, adjust until the goal is reached”

  • Execute the strategy
  • Measure the outcome regularly
  • Adjust the execution according to the measurements